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Sep 2019

Blue Moon Smartphone Feature Filmmaking Introducing Rich Vizor

September 2, 2019

It’s a film shot with an iPhone that is going viral by the minute! Blue Moon by Stef Harris with Jed Brophy and Mark Hadlow shot by Ryan O’Rourke and Edited by Judd Resnick is 85 minutes of an intriguing story that inspires everyone. In Episode 65 of the SBP Podcast we introduce a special message from Blue Moon’s Executive Producer Rich Vizor.

Novice or professional filmmakers alike can make a feature length film. Empower yourself as a storyteller making films using smartphones as your camera. The more films you make, the better you acquire the experience to the science and art of filmmaking with smartphones.

This episode features Rich Vizor with an exciting message to everyone about the team that created Blue Moon in New Zealand. It can be heard around 8 minutes 48 seconds in.

This episode shares why Blue Moon has had so much success over the course of 2019. We share what makes Blue Moon a great film. What makes any feature film rock. There are three main features about this film which you can incorporate into any of your films to succeed as a filmmaker, mobile or traditional.

If you are an innovative filmmaker, why are you not making films with smartphone cameras? The success of Blue Moon is a continuing story. As they get ready to wrap up their film festival run across the globe, the future of their film is just beginning to unfold as 2019’s most inspiring film. That is not due to just the film but the team behind it. Their willingness to participate and engage with the mobile filmmaking community online on social media and in festivals is truly remarkable, but also it’s one of the reasons why they are gaining traction in the worldwide mobile film community.

This episode begins with a few announcements: One, Jed Brophy and Mark Hadlow have joined the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego as Ambassadors. Two, Blue Moon just won the Best Feature Film Award at the Ravenheart International Film Festival in Oslo, Norway.

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Watch the trailer for Blue Moon:

Blue Moon Film Credits: Rueben: Doug Brooks, Gina: Liz Mullane, Security Guard: Nathan Green, Police Officer: Mathew Crawford, Police Officer: Nicole Gardiner, Newsagent: Kyle Abbott, Police Officer: Jeshurun Scheib, Police Sergeant: Robert Ballantyne, Veronica Jones: Alison Lenton, Wahoe Chan: Lai Zhouwen, Gilly: Doug Brooks, Motorist: Simon Paynter, Geoffrey the cat. Directed by Stefen Harris Written by Stefen Harris Director of Photography Ryan O’Rourke Editor Judd Resnick Sound Design Chris Winter Composer Tane Upjohn Beatson Sound Ben Dunker and Janja Heathfield Production companies Dark Horse Films & Kahu Media Producers Stefen Harris and Pegeen O’Rourke Executive Producer Tim Riley and Rich Vizor

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