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Jul 2020

Grip Your Audience with Feature Smartphone Films with Kimberley Hart

July 21, 2020

Getting a grip of your film’s audience is more about your audience getting a grip of your story and not letting go, until you release them from viewing your film.

Listen to episode 84 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, as we bring you the perspective of a producer and set designer for the feature film, “Mad House.”

The film was shot with an iPhone 6s and won the “Best Feature Film” award in 2019’s International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

Ross Perkins wrote, directed, edited and played one of the protagonists in the 85 minute film. When he attended the festival in San Diego, it was the very first time anyone had seen it. Ross brought his producer and set designer to San Diego from Australia, Kimberley Hart.

During the Q&A after the screening of the film, everyone in the audience had questions to ask him, as the director and actor. Kimberley also shared some insights during the Q&A.

Although Ross was a guest in Episodes 45 and 61 of our podcast, we decided to talk to Kimberley and get her perspective into the making of a film which, in many ways, was an incredible feat for their crew and actors.

We talk about the story and how important the story is to filmmaking. We also discuss the acting and how the director respected the actors to bring out their best performance. The film is gritty. It is based on a true account of three real stories.

Listen to this conversation and appreciate what went into the making of “Mad House,” which grabbed the audience’s attention during IMFF 2019. As hard as it was to watch at certain times, the audience was deeply immersed in the story.

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