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Mar 2020

How Stage 32 Benefits Mobile Filmmakers with Rich RB Botto

March 3, 2020

Episode 74

It’s true that the industry of film and television is changing. That needs no convincing to see.

Our guest in episode 74 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking is Rich RB Botto, the founder and CEO of Stage 32. He created a platform which has become pretty enormous due to the size of its over 600,000 current members.

More and more, you find people working in the industry who are creating content as both writers and filmmakers, or as actors and filmmakers, and so on.

“The vision early on was, It’s fantastic to bring all these people into one place, but how do you train them?” Rich “RB” Botto

RB mentions there are three divisions to the platform: Social media, Education, and Script Services. The Script Services division includes breaking down scripts for screenwriters, budgets and there are mentorship opportunities available as well.

RB created Stage 32 with the writer, producer and actor’s perspectives.

Rich RB Botto has authored the book, Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers: Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd by American Film Market. He mentions that crowdsourcing is easily confused with crowdfunding, but crowdsourcing is about branding you and your work, and relationship building. The book is available in Amazon.

Mobile filmmakers tend to undermine their own power in the industry. As a content creator, there is a great opportunity as a member of Stage 32. The platform has industry executives looking for new talent. According to RB, there are 100 or so industry executives on the platform, at any given time. He shares the opportunity for any member to create a connection in the platform. However, there is a way to do that and succeed and he shares how to do that within your own member profile.

RB’s message to mobile filmmakers who join Stage 32 is, briefly, to ask themselves some questions and answer them honestly. One being, “Am I passionate about it?” And if you want to be a filmmaker, “What am I willing to do to get it.” There is another very important question and a bit of something filmmakers must be determined to do. You can find out what that is by listening to this episode, along with the extremely valuable advice RB shares with our listeners. Whether you are filmmaker or producer using your smartphone or any other camera, the value of listening to what RB shares is priceless. You will find many benefits to listening to this episode all the way to the very end.

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