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Jan 2019

Smartphone Turns Book Into A Feature Film with Steve Peterson Episode 47

January 10, 2019

There are books you read with stories you can visualize like a movie. I call it, “Booksualizing.” But there are books which are not told as a story. Those books can be quite interesting and there may be a story within them which you can visualize as a movie. Writing a screenplay is not the same as writing a book or a story. But our minds can take many concepts and visualize them in a way that they can then turn into a story. However, writing a story from a complex book into a screenplay and then making a movie requires some skill. And then, well, then there is taking that screenplay and shooting it using a smartphone camera.

Our hero in this podcast is our guest, Steven Palmer Peterson aka Steve Peterson. He turned a very complex book into a story and then made a movie from it. The film is called, Consensus Reality and it is a feature length film which is one of the film that will be screening at the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego as part of the Mobile Feature Film competition this April. Episode 47 of the SBP Podcast: The Voice Of Mobile Film™ is a discussion that brings our listeners many details about the complexities of shooting a feature length film with a complex story in a short period of time.

The film has a lot of dialogue and revolves around a character who has schizophrenia. It is based on a book written by an attorney who needed to prove to a judge that although he had this condition, he was not a danger to society or to himself. His book was like a journal with complex details that sometimes were out of this world. And so, Steve turned the book into a story and then a film which is, out of this world. The quality of his film is outstanding. The film was shot in New York City which gives the film rich visuals with it’s different location designs.

The film’s key cast is comprised of Mason played by Garrett Richmond, Eris played by Christina Toth and The Yansha played by Gopal Divan.

When you see the film in the festival, you will find that it has a unique aesthetic quality much like other cinematic films but you will also appreciate the quality of the story itself and its characters. Immediately, from the onset of the very first scene, you are captivated by the protagonist, Mason and his world. A world which his uniquely his but it is beautifully created by the director, Steve Peterson.

We hope you get a chance to meet Steve during #MFF2019SanDiego which takes place April 27 & 28 in San Diego.

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One of the films Steve mentioned during our game which he forgot the title was Coherence:

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