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Aug 2020

Teaching Smartphone Filmmaking with Rob Leach

August 25, 2020

Episode 86 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking brings a bit of insight to everything mobile filmmaking with our guest in the UK, Rob Leach.


Rob Leach began his acting career at the age of 12 in drama class at school when his interest as an actor found him and inspired him. He was 17 when he learned acting at an acting school which kept his passion growing until at 24, he made the move to London and then he began to get creating with writing and thinking about making films.


He realized soon that his smartphone camera had a 4K setting and then one thing led to another. So he began to  experiment with equipment, apps and filmmaking styles. 


Rob made a short film during the COVID-19 lockdown where he got pretty creative and then created a “how to” video on his techniques to accomplish it. 


We speak a bit about foley audio effects he used in his video and then we spoke about the value of creating good audio for your mobile videos. The editing process is something we spoke about in-depth because we spoke about free editing programs which you can use if you are getting started and are looking for things to test out before purchasing programs. 


One of the topics in the podcast went into why mobile filmmaking is not mainstream and perhaps shouldn’t be. 


This conversation with Rob Leach brings insights into the mobile smartphone filmmaking platform as a growing niche in the film and video production industry. It highlights why actors and creators alike can and perhaps jump in with their smartphones and start creating content today. 


We did find a little time to play the “ 20 Second ShoutOut Game” in this episode but would like to make note of the last shoutout that was cut off at the end. Rob mentioned Mobile Motion Festival. 


Rob Leach mentioned his mentor who said something quite wonderful for filmmakers to take to heart, “Write the story only you can tell.” Rob expands into that a bit as some very good advice and insight for the filmmakers listening to this podcast.


SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones.


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