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Dec 2018

The Human Smartphone Storyteller with CK Goldiing Episode 44

December 12, 2018

When you are going about your day you are experiencing moments. You can connect your moments with your thoughts and create stories you share all the time. One storyteller, accidentally turned one of his videos into a film. In Episode 44 of the SBP Podcast, CK Goldiing shares the story that has inspired captivated the attention of people around the world with its emotional draw. 61 Hugs was a challenge that has made touched many people and brought smiles and shines the light on human kindness in a very simple way.

An in-depth discussion about how we can all turn our phones to capture every day moments that tell wonderful stories which connect us as human beings. No special gear needed. All you need is an open mind, perhaps a little challenge and a sprinkle of curiosity as you turn the lens on yourself and the people around you. Through kindness, respect and a bit of humor, complete strangers will gladly let down their guards and go as far as to give a random stranger a hug.

Listen to CK share his experiences and what the outcome of his film, 61 Hugs has brought to people who watch it and to his understanding of people and storytelling.

“Crippled by a lifetime of overthinking, CK is a typical artist - forever worried about rejection, people’s perceptions and how things look. One day, he is challenged to leave his house, walk the busy streets, and ask sixty-one strangers for a hug. Although terrified by the inevitable rejections ahead, CK accepts, clinging to his long-standing belief that ‘overthinking is the enemy of remarkable’. Filmed in one take using actual footage from the challenge, ’61 Hugs’ demonstrates the remarkable power of optimism, heart, goodwill, human spirit, spontaneity and the universe.” — 61 Hugs

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