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Feb 2020

Three is the Biggest Number in Storytelling

February 11, 2020

Three is the Biggest Number in Storytelling
SBP Podcast: The voice of mobile film™

This little number is the biggest number of all. There are many reasons why this number is so important to storytelling. From beginning to end it plays a big role in the story from the initial idea to the plot to the final end of your film. All stories have a goal in mind and three is integral to achieving it.

During Episode 73 of the SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ we share an interview with an actor and filmmaker from San Diego. This interview from 2016 was never published. It is featured during this episode and is inspiring. Listen to Anthony De La Cruz share what inspired him about mobile filmmaking when he first joined the community of mobile filmmakers around the world which inspires him to this day.

Follow Anthony De La Cruz and find out about his latest work.

You can also meet him during #MFF2020SanDiego where he will join this year’s filmmakers for this year’s theme: Hindsight 2020.

NOTE: During this episode I say "only films shot with iPhones." That is an error. Only films shot with smartphones is what I meant to say.

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